Sunday, June 25, 2017

Off Hiatus' Goodies Bundle!

  Yesterday was a very fine mail day on the north side! I received a bubble mailer from Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball, and it was loaded with Cubs goodness! This post is going to be all about sharing some of the treats Tony sent.

  Vintage Ernie pin. (This image is actually Tony's. My scanner is a feed scanner, so I can scan only very flat things.) The pin is about the size of a US quarter, and in hand, it more colorful than the image shows. My kind of treasure! Thank you Tony.

  The packet brought the last six cards needed to complete the 1989 Bowman Cubs set. The 1989 Dream Team Ryne Sandberg is the 3/4 needed to finish the Kmart Cubs set. Cool. Once the Damon Berryhill card finds its way to me, I can put the Dream Team to bed.  💨

  The Ernies. Oh the Ernies! My E.B. collection has doubled, with some very nice cards. I think I squealed every time a new Ernie appeared in the stack of cards

A pair of Mr. Cub minis

  The same photo was used for the above three cards, but I don't think I can tire of it. It's Ernie for crying out loud! Below, is a very shiny die-cut. It's pretty, and I love the clear view of his hand placement on the bat.

This next one was Zipper's favorite Ernie of the bunch. Nice! 

An Ernie art card! This is sooo freakin' cool! 

Below, this is truly the most beautiful baseball card I have ever had in my possession. This scan just does not hold up to the real deal. There is shiny silver all around and that Cubs logo looks like a gem. Gorgeous! 

  There were several Fleer stickers enclosed and I chose the below sticker to share because it is a pennant. So what makes a pennant sticker the special one you say? This is my first pennant, of any kind. Fantastic!

  Several other cards were also included (all of them keepers!), and an Andre Dawson coin from 1989 Topps too! I am grateful, thank you Tony.  🙏


  1. Tony was my second trade partner on the blogs. He always tucks in a few nice surprises, and is always generous. Love the Banks pin!

    1. There were some fantastic surprises enclosed. :)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the package I sent to you! Welcome to the blog world, and hope you get to trade with many, many more of us!