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Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime

Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime
FutureLearn MOOC
University of Glasgow

Dr. Donna Yates, Lead Educator
University of Glasgow’s Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research

9 October 2017


Course Team:

Dr. Donna Yates, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research - publications

Dr. Simon Mackenzie, Professor of Criminology at Victoria University of Wellington - publications

Dr. Christos Tsirogiannis,  Affiliate Researcher at Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research - publications

Anya Eber, MSc student at Collecting and Provenance in an International Context, University of Glasgow

Meg Lambert, PhD Candidate at Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, University of Glasgow

Christine Weirich, PhD Candidate at Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, University of Glasgow

Trafficking Culture

Stolen Gods - .org

Anonymous Swiss Collector - culture crime site

Institute of Archaeology, Belize .org

Conflict Antiquities - blog
      ...The Human Rights of Subsistence Diggers by Sam Hardy - Chapter 14

US Department of State - Cultural Heritage Center

Chasing Aphrodite: The Hunt for Looted Antiquities in the World's Museums  .com

Original Recording of Week 1 Live Chat:


Huaquero -A person who clandestinely excavates at archaeological sites for the purpose of obtaining marketable antiquities. The term is derived from the Quechua word ‘huaca’ (also ‘wak’a’).

Huaca - Prior to the Spanish Conquest, a ‘huaca’ was anything that was sacred, with an emphasis on sacred places. Depending on the context, use of the term ‘huaca’ in modern times can imply that there is still a sacred quality to these sites and objects. Today the term is most often ascribed to archaeological sites.

Huaco - Usually means an ancient ceramic pot.

Huaquear - verb,  to illicitly dig at or loot an archaeological site.

Easter Week - Traditionally when huaqueros rob the ancient tombs of Peru’s north coast. There is a North Coast legend that during Easter Week artefacts rise to the ground's surface, becoming easy to find and one barely has to dig for them. Some sources claim that Good Friday is the preferred day for looting because ‘God is dead and doesn’t watch‘. Other sources claim that looting starts on Maundy Thursday when any outstanding curses that protect an archaeological site are lifted. Some believe that prior to the Spanish Conquest, occupants of archaeological sites are non-Christian ‘Gentiles’ who, in a sort of raising of the dead sense, cluster near the surface only during Easter Week so that they may be found by Christians. Archaeologist Walter Alva believes that this traditional Easter looting has no foundation in pre-Conquest cultural tradition, but was introduced by the Spanish and used as a means to rob graves.

Huaquero Mythology - Looting lore is filled with curses, spirits, riches, and legend. These beliefs became a cultural norm where all locals know of these stories. Below, are the lyrics of ‘Huaquero Viejo’ to which people dance the Marinera NorteƱa, the national dance of Peru: 

⬪ I am the old grave robber (huaquero) 

⬪ and I have come to loot pottery (huacos) 

⬪ from the highest ancient mound (huaca) 

⬪ to the lowest ancient mound (huaca)

[Translation by Dr. Donna Yates 2015]


Looting to survive poverty


Timbuktu, Mali is a UNESCO world heritage site. © Emilio Labrador via Wikimedia Commons 


Cambodian Heritage Statues stolen by Khmer Rouge - The Returns

Keeling Attendants (x2) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York -returned 2013
Pandava Christie’s Auction House -returned 2014 
Bhima Norton Simon Museum, California -returned 2014 
Duryodhana Sotheby’s Auction House -returned 2014
Hanuman Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio -returned 2015
Rama Denver Art Museum -returned 2016 

Janus Figure: Leonardo Patterson

An antiquities legend in an 'intrinsically lawless' field - LA Times

Antiquities Dealer Leonardo Patterson Faces New Criminal Charges - NY Times

Infamous Antiquities Dealer Convicted of Smuggling and Forgery - Artnet

Maya ‘Fresco’ Fake - Trafficking Culture

Euphronios Krater

NY Times Euphronios Krater -search
                                                -clippings, clippings

Artnet: The Hot Pot -part I of VI

Apamea, Syria

Syria: Destroying the Past for the Future -Antiquity Journal

Culture Under Threat Map -Antiquities Coalition

Ancient History, Modern Destruction: Assessing the Current Status of Syria’s World Heritage Sites Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

What I learned this week: The antiquities black market is a gray area as a result of white collar crime.  ba-da-bum!


Original Recording of Week 2 Chat:

The Scream 

4 Norwegians Guilty In Theft of 'The Scream' - NY Times

Scream Stolen from Norway Museum - BBC News

Stolen Munch Paintings Found Safe - BBC News

Munch Paintings 'can be repaired' - BBC News 

Edvard Munch's stolen Scream recovered in undercover sting - The Guardian Archive

‘The Scream,’ the Thief, and the 2 Million M&M’s - ARTNews

The Scream, 1893 - Norway National Museum

'The Scream' buyer is revealed to be financier Leon Black -  LA Times

Impressionist & Modern Art at Evening Sale - Sothebys 

Unsolved Gardner Museum Theft

Gardner Museum Theft - Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - .org

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - Google Arts & Culture

If the Gardner Paintings Are Ever Found, How Damaged Will They Be? - WNPR

FBI Special Agent Geoff Kelly - YouTube

Gardner Security Director Anthony Amore - YouTube

FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauiers - YouTube

United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz - YouTube

1990 Gardner Museum Security Footage - YouTube  (the video is glitchy) 

National Portrait Gallery - The Portraits


Han van Meegeren, the fabulous forger 

The Scientist and the Forger - World Scientific

Five tools used to detect art forgeries:

1.) Provenance Research
2.) Microscopy
3.) Mass Spectrometry
4.) X-Ray
5.) Infrared Reflectography

Street Art or Vandalism

Street artist Shepard Fairey wanted for felony vandalism in Detroit - LA Times

Banksy - site

Banksy's Kissing Coppers sold at US auction - BBC

'I remember when all this was trees': Banksy mural sells for $137,500 - USA Today


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hilarious Bobbleheads!

  The page is over four years old, so some of you may already be familiar with The Bobblehead Project at the CBS Sports website,  I found this fantasy bobblehead site only yesterday. These bobbleheads crack me up! I'm sure many of these bobblehead events were not funny at the time that they happened, but they are most certainly funny now. Love the Cubs bobblehead!

One hour countdown for game 5 of the Cubs - Nationals series final begins now. 

DUN... DUN... DUN...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I Have Balls Now!

  I have a few more baseball related gifts from Zipper to share with you.  Today I will post the 'squealers'!

  There were some Ernie Banks cards picked off of eBay for the purpose tickling my collecting fancy. Zip is a good shot, and indeed my fancy has been tickled! Let's check the rest of my birthday loot.

A pair of Mr. Cub minis 

The coloring of this next card gives it the feel of having captured one brief but very real moment in time.  


Ernie receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in 2013. 

  The list of baseball players who have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom-

        Joe DiMaggio 1977 by Gerald Ford
        Jackie Robinson 1984 by Ronald Reagan,  posthumously 
        Ted Williams 1991 by George H.W. Bush 
        Hank Aaron 2002 by George W. Bush 
        Roberto Clemente 2003 by George W. Bush,  posthumously 
        Frank Robinson 2005 by George W. Bush
        Buck O'Neil 2006 by George W. Bush 
        Stan Musial 2011 by Barack Obama 
        Ernie Banks 2013 by Barack Obama 
        Yogi Berra 2015 by Barack Obama,  posthumously 
        Willie Mays 2015 by Barack Obama 
        Vin Scully 2016 by Barack Obama 

My first Allen & Ginter for 2017, Banks foil. 

  All of those cards are new to my collection, and Ernie makes me smile every time I see him relishing his time in baseball heaven. Now imagine the SQUEAL this next card illicited from me!


  Terrible photo, I know. I'm not sure there's a way to improve the quality of pics taken with a Fire tablet. I wanted to use the image at the Trading Card Database, but their card has a really faded auto, which means it doesn't look much like mine. Of course as autos go, there are always slight differences to be found with the graphology, so to keep the auto legit to my copy we'll be sticking with this fuzzy Doe photo. I love this card! 

  I was then presented with my first collectable balls! Ernie and Ozzie! What a day! 

 Falling down the south side of 50 isn't so bad when one is sharing that time with some one who is flat out awesome! It was a wonderful day! Thank you all for reading Now and Zen. Being a part of our niche in the blogosphere has been an uplifting experience. You guys are tops!

Have a fabulous day out there!


Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Very Happy Birthday!

  Howdy y'all! A very happy birthday was had by yours truly. There are postcards, stamps, trading cards and baseballs to post about. All good stuff!

  As I write this post, I am watching the last Cubs game I'll see this year, unless they make it to the World Series. After the game, I think I will pull out the Halloween decorations and dress the apartment.

  Zip has really outdone herself with her selection of birthday gifts this year!  Let's take a look at some of the cool additions to my collections.  First up are the postcards. A complete set of the 2000 USPS pre-stamped Legends of Baseball postal cards. These are gorgeous! Oddly enough, this set is not found in the Trading Card Database.

  In 1988 Grenada issued a 9-sheet set of 81 Major League Baseball postage stamps. There were several PC hits for both Zip and I. Ernie Banks and Ozzie Smith being at the top of the lists. I do not have good images of the stamps so I'll forgo pics for now, except to make note of the Reds' Rose stamp.  

  A Pete Rose stamp had been printed on the original yellow sheet of stamps, but because he was uber naughty, authorities in the USA requested that the Rose stamp be removed. In compliance, Grenada replaced Rose's stamp with this non-stamp, which is what is found on my yellow sheet.

  I will share more baseball goodies in my next post. Thanks for reading!

TYZ ! 

Cubs finish season 92-70.