Thursday, March 29, 2018

Here We Go!


    A little over an hour from now, I will be watching the Cubs first game of the season. Yay!

    Good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Red Bull's 2018 Bryant Prank

   This is the third year of Bryant's involvement in an annual Red Bull prank. (I want that pizzeria's pizza!) There have been a few times that we've had a pizza delivered by someone looking like Drake's doppelganger, but a Kris Bryant delivery would brighten anyone's day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

1991 Score MLB

   The 1991 Score cards trade has arrived. I stated that I would post these cards because I've mentioned that the Score cards of this era annoy my sensibilities, and if I call something out in a negative way, I like post a positive- if I can find one.  Multi-colored borders with no apparent rhyme or reason look bad. Different border colors for each team is understandable, but as a mostly team collector who uses binders, these randomly bordered sets look awful. However, there are some gems within these randomly bordered sets. They are gems because they are base set cards that have entirely different designs. I've posted a few of these designs in prior pieces, but here are the new to me cards.

A screenshot of Google image results showing some of the random borders of '91 Score.

Now the gems.

Face of the Franchise; black borders around black and white images; overall clean and classic.

    The below cards are paired by their background, and all have a clean white border. Very nice. The toon art on the All Star cards adds some fun to the set, and the Perez No-Hit Club card is very similar to the Lance Dickson Draft Pick card, and they are my favorite design in the set.


    I have 14 of the 17 1991 Score cards wanted for my collections.  Well I have others, but only the seventeen cards will find their way into a binder.  🙀

Peace Y'all! 

Friday, March 16, 2018

BBA: What Do I Collect?

  I love a Blog Bat Around for which I actually have answers! What do I collect?

Currently I am still collecting: (In no meaningful order.) 

1.) Postcards -

    That would be Sitting Bull, published by Azuza. Native Americans on postcards are one of my collecting topics. I also collect airships/dirigibles, outhouses, lighthouses, Asian martial arts movie posters, baseball, Buddhism, April Fools, natural history sketches and a few other themes on postcards. 

 2.) Airships on Stamps, Cinderellas, Covers & Ephemera - 

3.) Trading Cards - 

    Mostly Baseball - My favorites are Chicago Cubs relics. 

   My blog header gives it away, but I collect the Chicago Cubs and I have a few player collections. They are Ernie Banks, Ozzie Smith, and Ichiro Suzuki. I also collect Native American players. (There are other MLB collections happening here, but they are Zip's favorites, along with The Beatles.) I also like all the oddball stuff, such as cards from pizza joints, cards showing catchers looking straight up, cards with dirt flying up from an infield grounder, multiple exposure photography, helmet, hat and pennant stickers or die-cuts, minis, art cards, and the Moody Blues on trading cards. Basically, I collect whatever catches my fancy. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hello Blogiverse

   Miss me? Of course you did! -Yeah, I didn't think so. 😜 

   Things are starting to look up. I don't want to publicly disclose Zip's private information, but my Love has been quite ill for the past three weeks. She's tough! She's doing much better now, and we are looking forward to a full recovery. Soon!  Spring is in the air. It's cold as all git out when that wind blows, but the lake is calling, and the sunshine is pulling a finger in my direction.

   We will be watching the second Cubs vs. White Sox televised preseason game later this afternoon. I think the Cubs are looking good this year. They have a much better vibe this season, as opposed to last season. As for non-Chicago baseball, I am so glad Ichiro has a team for 2018! I hope to pick up a hobby box of Topps Opening Day next month. I hope to pull an Ichiro and all of the Chicago MLB players. I did that last year, well all that are in the base set anyway.  I haven't check in days, but I'm hoping Melky (Cabrera) has a team in 2018.

   I took the HarvardX Buddhism Through its Scriptures class, since I last posted here. It was the most enjoyable MOOC I've taken thus far, and I've taken some really good courses. The course states that it's open through sometime in August, so if you want to take it, there's still time. It's offered at EdX. It's designed to last four weeks, however it requires a solid 20 hours a week if you want to take in all of the media offered. There were movies and anime, and it's the kind of class where time flies. I miss it, and I miss the students that were keeping the same schedule as I. Good stuff!

   In a couple weeks, April 1st, Zip and I will have our First Wedding Anniversary.  That's exciting!

   This morning I mailed a trade packet for a trade at the Trading Card Database. This is my second trade this month. (Yay!) The first one was just a few cards needed to fill in some holes in a Cubs set. Today's packet is for some Score cards that I will share in a future blog post. Well I kinda have to post these Score cards because their designs are exceptions to a base set for which I have no appreciation, and I blogged that fact.

   This post needs a picture. So here is a card Zip was elated to have won yesterday.


Have a great weekend!