Tuesday, September 12, 2017

MOOC Notes Index

Stereoscopy: An Introduction to Victorian Stereo Photography
National Museums Scotland
March 2017 at FutureLearn, 2 wks
Christine McLean

Introducing Robotics: Robotics and Society
Queensland University of Technology
May 2017 at FutureLearn, 3 wks
Prof Peter Corke

Homo Floresiensis Uncovered: The Science of 'the Hobbit'
University of Wollongong
July 2017 at FutureLearn, 4 wks
Profs Richard G. Roberts and Zenobia Jacobs

Cultural Heritage and the City
European University Institute
Sept 2017 at FutureLearn, 3 wks
Profs Anna Triandafyllidou and Jeremie Molho

Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime 
University of Glasgow
October 2017 at FutureLearn, 3 wks
Dr. Donna Yates

MOOCs completed without online notes: 

Buddhism Through Its Scriptures 
Harvard University - HarvardX 
Feb 2018 at EdX, 4 wks 
Prof Charles Hallisey

Food as Medicine
Monash University
July 2017 at FutureLearn, 3 wks 
Prof Helen Truby

Archaeology: From Dig to Lab and Beyond
University of Reading
March 2017 at FutureLearn, 2 wks 
Prof Duncan Garrow

Sports and Society
Duke University
Aug 2016 at Coursera, 7 wks
Prof Orin Starn

Ancient Egypt: A History in Six Objects
University of Manchester
Oct 2015 at Coursera, 8 wks
Profs Joyce Tyldesley and Glenn Godenho

Changing Weather and Climate in the Great Lakes Region
University of Wisconsin- Madison
Feb 2015 at Coursera, 4 wks
Profs Steven Ackerman and Margaret Mooney 

Living with Dementia: Impact on Individuals, Caregivers, Communities and Societies
Johns Hopkins University
Jan 2015 at Coursera, 5 wks  
Prof Nancy Hodgson 
The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem
Tel Aviv University
at Coursera, 6 wks
Profs Oded Lipschits and Ido Koch 

The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose and Political Future
Emory University
June 2014 at Coursera, 6 wks
Prof Jacob Wright

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