Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Woof! Woof!

   Time for another pizza post! This one is a little bit different.  


  I had a sweetheart of a dog many years a ago. She was a brilliant black lab with a sense of humor and she would crack a grin if you told her a joke. She was a perfect dog, and in her lifetime she had done only two no-nos. Her first moment was when I returned home and saw these rather large circular spots on the living room carpet that looked wet. When I got into the kitchen I found a large tub of Country Crock on the floor. The tub was empty. Completely empty! She had eaten a rather full tub of Country Crock, and apparently barfed it up several times in various places throughout the house. This was referred to as 'the butter incident'. She got a stern talking to about stealing the butter, and from that moment on, every time someone would look at her and say 'butter', she'd drop her head and turn away.   💫 Priceless.

  Her second uh-oh moment was a couple years later. To cut to the chase with this story... I let my guard down, and she stole the pizza! Not a slice of pizza. No, no. She stole the whole pizza! She did not puke it up, and I'm pretty sure she was smiling when she saw the look on my face as I was realizing what had happened to the pizza. 💫 Priceless.

  Today's pizza post pics are brought to you from the depths of Google Images.

💚 B U T T E R 💚

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