Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Beatles Honor Roll

   My girlfriend wife loves The Beatles, and I love my girlfriend wife. She is a life long White Sox fan (I forgive her.), and a walking encyclopedia of baseball knowledge. She has no interest in collecting baseball cards, but The Beatles and John Lennon in particular, are card subjects she can get into.

  I've created this post to give thanks to the card collectors who have assisted me in procuring The Beatles cards for my Love's collection. I will update this post whenever a new card has been received for her collection. I can offer baseball cards in exchange, and I keep my For Trade list updated at The Trading Card Database.

AnalogKid is the current Valedictorian with a whopping gpa of 51 cards! 

 Chris B. aka ntlwhlr  was the first to send a card. A John Lennon card no less! 1991 Pro Set SuperStars MusiCards #15a. Thank you Chris! 10 Mar 17

Billy Kingsley sent two cards. A 2011 Topps American Pie #52, and a 2013 Topps 75th Anniversary #29 (uber cool card!). Thank you for digging these up Billy! 15 Mar 17

Check out Billy's Blog: Cardboard History 

Eric C, aka AnalogKid, sent twenty-two (22!) cards from The River Groups' 1993 The Beatles Collection. They are fabulous cards. I gave one to Zipper already, but I am saving the others for her birthday (next month). Thank you Eric! 5 July 17 

Phil C. of Trading Bases sent 4/10 Meet The Beatles insert cards from the 1996 Sports Time Beatles set. AND they arrived yesterday! What perfect timing! Thank you Phil! 11 Aug 2017

icpfan4life98 at the Trading Card Database did a solid, with a 1-card trade that brought this Sgt Pepper's beauty home to Zipper. Thanks icpfan! This brings The Beatles collection up to 30 cards.
Jan '18

Eric C., aka AnalogKid, surprised us with a packet of Beatles cards. I didn't post the full 22 scans of Eric's first batch of Beatles cards, but today I am going to post all 29 images from our latest exchange. Thank you Eric! 5 June 2018 

1982 Brooke Bond tea card 

Two of the original 1964 trading cards 

2018 Topps Heritage 

And a boatload of 1993 River Group Beatles Collection cards! 


  1. Glad to be of assistance! One of my local shops had some original 60s Beatles cards, and I didn't get them. Kind of kicking myself for that now, but they sure were in rough shape. If I any come across any more, I'll keep you- and her!- in mind.

  2. Enjoy. I hope your wife enjoys them. It's nice to find people that enjoy the Beatles and baseball cards :)

    1. Tomorrow is the big day! She will love them! I've been so impressed with Zipper's Beatles cards, that I have decided to start a Moody Blues collection. Cards are fun! :) Thanks again Eric!