Friday, June 16, 2017

Bucket List -Item #1

  Next month will be the 1 year anniversary of my move to Chicago. Last autumn, when the notice came out, that the outside of the windows would be washed, I tried to be home to witness this event. Somehow, I missed it. Not this year! I was home and I watched a man, dangling from unimpressive ropes, wash our windows. Yes!

  You can see the ropes on the right edge of the photo. There are only two ropes. The duplicate ropes are a reflection from the outside of the window.

  Yeah! How cool is that?! For the curious- Plants left to right: Dracaena tree, Euphorbia trigona cactus, and the seedlings are hyssop (giant white), sage (pink sundae Salvia), and sage (scarlet Salvia). Actually, the hyssop seedlings are hiding behind the cactus.

  One more thing. Our building, and the building across the street from us (shown in top photo), each sit on the corner of an intersection. On one of this intersection's corners sits a cool Victorian era building called The Brewster. You may know it as the place where...


  The next new thing I will do for my bucket list is go watch my first Pride Parade later this month. It will pass though the street seen above, so I won't have far to walk. I had really wanted to attend last year's parade because of what happened at the Pulse, but I was unable to get to Chicago in time to attend. This year, I'm a winner!

  Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. They do not pay window washers enough. Period. I work on the 19th floor. When the fellas show twice a year, we hear them coming. They use big suction cups to grab the glass as they come down, holding themselves in place with one hand, washing with the other - all while sitting in what is basically a rope swing. Very nice view in your neighborhood! Enjoy the parade!

  2. Thanks Julie!

    Yeah, I expected to see more safety gear, and maybe a platform with pulleys etc... Nothing doin'.