Thursday, August 24, 2017

Where Oh Where

  I have been keeping rather busy over the past month. My laptop was dying an ugly death, but Zip gave me a new laptop as part of an early birthday present. Yay! I can actually watch the letters appear on the screen as I type. Before, I'd be typing to my heart's content, look up, and find that big chunks of sentences were missing in my writing.

  I am working on creating a go-to page on this blog for player collections.  I am still trying to figure out some of the 'how to' functions on this new to me computer system. I'll get it figured out sooner rather than later -I think. By the time you read this, I should have the player collections page up and running, and you should see the link banner for it on the righthand side near The Ernie Banks Project and The Beatles Honor Roll.

  I haven't had too many baseball cards come in during the past month or so. I am in the process of packing up cards for a small trade I've accepted at The Trading Card Database. I really like TCD, it is a huge help in so many ways. Anyway, I'll pack up those cards and get them in the mail later today.

  The eclipse- We could not find any safety glasses locally, so I spent the afternoon before the eclipse making a pinhole viewer. I wanted something sturdier and longer than a cereal box viewer. The outside of the viewer is rather unattractive, but the inside of the viewer is theatrically impressive, even if I do say so myself! Well it was overcast here, so I didn't bother going outside for the big moment. I watched the darkness descend outside the windows. -Had I given more thought to the event, I would've walked over to the zoo and watched the reactions of the animals. Hindsight and all... Anyway, I think it was 2 something when it started getting rather bright outside as seen from the living room. I figured oh what the heck, grabbed the pinhole viewer and aimed it out the window at the glare coming from above. Whoah! I caught the last little bite out of the sun on screen in the viewer! Very cool, and I didn't even leave the apartment!

A photo of the 2017 ugly pinhole viewer. 

Have a great day everyone!


  1. That's not ugly at all. Just very brown. Where I live we only had 80%-90%, it was overcast and I didn't even notice any dimming. I watched the festivities on the Weather Channel though and was actually moved by the reactions of the hosts. Stephanie Abrams totally lost it and was surprised by her own tears. Congrats on the new hardware.

    1. Thanks! Your comment reminds me of Jim Cantore. I chuckle when I remember how excited he gets over thundersnow. There are some entertaining videos on Youtube of Cantore, as a Weather Channel storm reporter, getting excitedly animated about thundersnow.

  2. Cantore was sitting in a football stadium in Illinois. It was basically sunny but for one big cloud that set up in front of the sun/moon and didn't move. He ended up seeing only glimpses of the eclipse. Mother nature can be very capricious.