Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cub on Cover

  It's overcast today, but yesterday it was nice outside well into the early afternoon, and I had needed to run (more accurately, walk) a couple errands. I took advantage of the weather and made what would have been a mile there and back and turned it into two miles there and back. There are free periodicals available along the sidewalks. I almost always check them out because once in a while there is a really well written piece that I enjoy reading. Usually the article is in the Reader, a weekly publication printed on newsprint by Sun-Times. The story of interest in the issue of Reader that I picked up yesterday is The New Face of Socialism. I'm not one for talking politics, but right now I am trying to read and understand everything I can about what all these break-out factions represent. I can't figure out if things look so screwed up because I am getting old and out of touch with the younger adults, or if the fan has truly begun sputtering stinky goo. Either way, time will tell. ;)

  Anyway, the thing that I am posting about is Albert Almora and his wife Krystal on the cover of Paws Chicago magazine. This is the first glossy and free publication that I have found with a Cub adorning the cover. This issue has a nice write up about the Almoras , and there are some more photos inside. I love the Almora's dog Luna, she's a Shiba Inu beauty.  A copy of this 'zine is going into my Cubs collection! If I seem maybe too happy about this Almora cover, it is because I live within walking distance to Wrigley Stadium, and I have never come a cross a Cubs pocket schedule. In fact, the only pocket schedule I have seen more than once is for the Chicago Red Stars, Chicago's professional women's soccer team. Once in a while I'll spot a DePaul or Northwestern pocket schedule. A Maroons schedule would be cool, but I have not seen any of those either. Yup, this Almora find is a keeper folks!

 Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Great looking couple as sports couples usually seem to be. I used to pick up the Reader when I lived there. Hy-Vee (Iowa's "Jewel") recently put out an issue of their free "Balance" magazine featuring a logoless Anthony Rizzo on the cover and in a 9 page spread inside.