Thursday, August 10, 2017

More Odd Without End

  Isn't that card a beauty?! It put me in that 'what to do when a card is needed in a team set and a player collection' predicament. After very little thinking, I've decided that I need another one just like it. It is actually the final card needed to finish that Fleer Cubs set. So it will be an Ozzie want, because as you all know, I 💖 Ozzie!

  I mentioned in the previous post that my small tea card collection has arrived. So without further ado, here is a scan of my favorite tea card thus far.

  The Homo Floresiensis Uncovered course is a load of fun. We're into week three of four. There is still plenty of time for you to catch up if you want to join the class. You can find it at FutureLearn. Ah, you know, maybe the scientific name (which is the class name) is throwing readers off, HF are the hobbit skeletal remains that were found in Indonesia. Yeah! Hobbits!

Professor Roberts, PhD, University of Wollongong

  I listed my first items on Craigslist. It's rather an odd site for me, but I think it's the layout. Here are a few items from those listings. -If you live in Chicago, and want more info on something, let me know and I send/post an actual link to this stuff.

  I think I will listen to Tibetan chants and read a few comic books, before heading back to class. You all have a fabulous day!

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