Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Tides of Trading

    Sometimes weeks, even months go by without making a card trade. Other times, I wake up to find several trade requests in the inbox. It's rare that I do trades larger than 30 cards, but it does happen from time to time, and this is one of those times. Marc. B. at TCDB proposed one of these bigger trade bundles, and boy was it a fun! Below are some of the treasures that have recently been added to my collection. Thanks Marc!

  An Ernie Hall of Fame card. The hidden plaque script is printed on the back of the card. Nice!

Two Obak cards. My Obak set is in the early stages of being a collection. I dig this kind of stuff.  

A couple Topps Archives. These are always nice cards! Billy with his timid pose, and Fergie with his I need to find a latrine face. Photographers can be cruel!

Bubble gum bubbles. This collection is growing quicker than expected. Yay!

I didn't care for Diamond Kings cards until Panini took over the brand. Abreu DK, I like!

Fleer Tradition. Love the feel of these cards. They are a lot like Topps Heritage, another favorite. Fleer can be classy, when it's in the mood.

Some Heroes of Baseball cards for Zip's PCs.

Some very cool Ichiro cards for my PC. The Triple Play card is one of the puzzle pieces I need to complete the picture. I think I still need six more pieces. I'll know for sure when I put these in the album. I had mentioned in a comment on another blog that I was warming up to these toonish Triple Play cards. I'm pretty sure it's because I think this style suits Ichiro's card design.

Thanks for reading! A great day to you all!

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  1. I never got into the 'new' Triple Play. I liked 94 but it was full bleed - no cartoons. The Obaks however, demanded I have a complete set. I've apparently sent you down the same path. Fun!