Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wrigley Wax

  If you are a Cubs collector or a set collector, you are going to love today's blog entry over at Wrigley Wax. He has side by side images of the 2017 Heritage Cubs cards and the 1968 Topps Cubs cards at every position. It is a thing of beauty!

Wrigley Wax's shortstops image:

Visit the Wrigley Wax blog to view all the comparisons.


Go check it now! lol

New Blog Design

  I had a pop-up the other day on my Blogger dashboard, asking me if I wanted to try one of the new layouts. I was curious about the new offerings, so this morning I created a mock blog to try out some of the new abilities. The 'Soho' layout was kind of cool, but getting a background image and a header image to align and look decent was not working for me. Then I tried a different new layout and got a decent header out of my efforts, but alas, I did not like the way the posts were positioned on the page.

  The worst thing about the new layouts is that all of the sidebars are hidden. Did not care for that, and I don't think the non-blogging visitors would know to look for a missing sidebar. So I'm keeping my current layout, and the header art I made for a new layout looks pretty good here.

  To be fair, the new layouts are cool. They just don't do what I am comfortable blogging with. The one thing I really liked were the images Blogger offers, especially the textured backs.

  I captured a couple screenshots of the last new layout I played with. In the first image, one of the textured backgrounds can be seen, and the header art looks good. The little 3-bar icon on the top left is the button to slide out the sidebar. When the sidebar is open, the rest of the blog darkens.

  The second screenshot shows the bottom of the most recent post, then a gap. Notice that the textured background does not even go down to the bottom of the first post. That little image and text on the bottom left is what shows of the second most recent post. Too ugly.

Time to publish. Peace Y'all!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Brick and Ivy

  I have recently looked through three boxes of complete baseball card base sets, series I & II. They were Topps 1990, Topps 1991, Upper Deck 1991, and last month I went through a Topps 1998 box. (Actually the 1991 UD box was missing a few cards when it arrived. Boo.)

  I've got a thing about finding Cubs players on another team's player card. So when I'm pulling out the cards I am going to keep, I pull the Cubs found in the wilds of MLB. I also attempt to identify the Cub and then add his found card to the  'Cubs in the Wild'  list at The Trading Card Database. I also pull out cards with brick and ivy on non-Cubs cards. These were going to be a list at TTCD, but apparently photographers like taking shots at Wrigley Field. Too many of these pop up, and so I far I have kept them all.

So here is a tally of the brick and ivy cards I found in the four boxes.

Topps 1990: There were only five brick and ivy cards in this set, three bricks and two ivy.  I'm sure I am about to break some unwritten Cubs fan rule, but one of the brick cards belongs to one of my all time favorite players.


  That's right, it's Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith.  I 💖 Ozzie!

Topps 1991: I found twenty-six brick and ivy cards. 7 Astros, 1 Braves, 4 Dodgers, 2 Expos, 3 Giants, 5 Mets, 3 Padres, and 1 Reds. Some of the All-Star cards seem to have Wrigley backgrounds, but the whole pixelated, black and white background graphic thing made keeping those cards seem pointless.

Upper Deck 1991: Wow. This set had 47 brick and ivy cards, and this UD set is close to 300 cards shorter than the previous two Topps sets I went through! One of the good things about this set is that the back of the cards also have in-game photographs. This doubled the chances of finding brick and ivy cards. Here's the card tally. - 6 Astros, 1 Braves, 6 Cardinals, 2 Dodgers, 5 Expos, 5 Giants, 2 Mets, 3 Padres, 6 Phillies, 5 Pirates, 1 Rangers, and 5 Reds.  -Some of these have Wrigley on the card front. Some show Wrigley on the card back, and some have Wrigley on both sides. I found another Hall of Famer in this batch as well.


Topps 1998: Only two cards with brick or ivy were found on non-Cubs cards. Joe Oliver, Reds, and David Segui, Expos.

That's all for this post. Until next time...


Sunday, March 19, 2017


Because it is a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, and this is Chicago! 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Say Good Bye to the Blimp

  Say hello to the Goodyear semi-rigid airship! This is awesome news folks. Airships are making a comeback. When I was collecting stamps and postcards, airships were my #1 thematic collection.  Yes.

Goodyear Blimp Deflates

Here's a tribute image to the Goodyear Blimp. - 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1991 Upper Deck Baseball

  Brace yourselves. I am about to upload images of cards, and they are not my beloved Cubs. I know, I can't believe it either. I'm about half way through the final phase of sorting a box of 1991 Upper Deck series I and II baseball cards.

  I have found a few  Cubs in the Wild  cards in this set, and I will be adding them to my list at The Trading Card Database later today. I get such a kick out of hunting them down and capturing those wandering cubs.

  On a side note, I am finding that collecting cards of Wrigley Field on non-Cubs cards to be somewhat overwhelming. Photographers must really enjoy taking player photos at Wrigley. There are so many of them, maybe too many. For now, I am just going to pull them aside and store them in boxes.

  Okay, so in this set I found three cards that struck me as retro-cool. It's not a complicated photography technique, but still, these cards were printed 8-9 years before I was online. These cards have no special card numbers and are part of the base set. Doe like.





Saturday, March 11, 2017

2012 Topps Cubs

   Seagulls get in on the action at Wrigley Field. It's all fun and games until a bird gets beaned with a ball!

Reed Johnson #172

  Darwin Barney gets in on the wing flexing, and manages to stay below radar.