Sunday, June 3, 2018

Assimilation Begins


     I received a nifty pwe from fellow blogger Greg, from The Collective Mind. I've gathered up the scans, added these puppies to my collection at TCDB, and now it is time for ...
ShoW & TeLL.

    These top two cards are the first cards in my Cubs collection from the 1983 Topps set.  I'm not sure why '83 has been keeping to the shadows, but they're coming out now.

    My first triple image 1986 Sportflics card. Cub Ron Cey is wearing Rollie Fingers' mustache, and Pete Rose is lurking in there somewhere. The 1986 Fleer checklist is the last card I needed to complete the Cubs set. Yay!

 Aw, and an Ernie. Ernie is a Day Maker.

        There were several hits to Zip's guys. There were these two Yankees for starters.

    A pair of Strawberries, and a pair of Baines. Very nice PC additions. The triple image 1986 Sportflics Baines card is all Baines. I really do prefer one primary player per card, unless it's a groovy action photo. -I love seeing dirty uniforms! 

Last but not least, we have theses two White Sox filling in some holes in the team collection.  

Thank you Greg! I have a pwe with your name on it, just waitin' for a USPS stamp delivery.  

Thanks for reading!

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