Tuesday, June 5, 2018

AnalogKid Strikes Again!

      Eric C., aka the AnalogKid and I completed another trade through the TCDB. It's been a bit under a year since our last exchange and again, it was a fabulous experience! My Ichiro collection acquired two new cards,

        and this Mark Grace card is the final card needed to complete the 1993 Leaf Cubs set.

    This is probably my favorite Leaf set. The reason is that I love the back of these cards.

Check it out-

    All the cards have city specific backgrounds. Both the Cubs and the South Sider's cards have images of the Chicago skyline as their background. I also have all of the White Sox cards for this base set, except for the Frank Thomas variant. The same four skyline backgrounds are found on them as well. Their accent color is a dark gray, whereas the Cubs accent color is blue. I mention this because the blue on the Cubs cards brings to mind Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. The blue really works here, and not to take away from the flavor of the Sox color scheme, their cards make one want to look for King Kong or Godzilla in the background. This a very cool set.

    Okay, so those were my favorite baseball cards from our trade. The other baseball cards filled in some of the empty slots in sets that I'm still working on. There was also one Beatles card included as a part of our trade. It is this lovely tea card, a 1982 Brooke Bond to be exact.




There's more!

     There was a bonus packet enclosed with this trade. An entire handful of Beatles cards! Two of them are from the original set! The AnalogKid not only made the Beatles Honor Roll again, but he is the current valedictorian!

Scope out the newest additions (images) to Zipper's Beatles collection. -  The Beatles Honor Roll 

Thanks Eric!

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