Sunday, June 3, 2018

Baseball in Stereoview


   Last year I blogged about an online course I had taken concerning the history of stereoscopes. Every so often I pull up that old blog post and look at the stereo cards. It is a very meditative activity, and because it takes concentration on relaxing my eyes, I feel better for doing it. Anyway, some weeks back I searched Google images for stereo cards related to baseball. I did not find very many, and so I put off blogging about them. Now, I have an urge to look at them, so I'm going ahead with this post of the few baseball stereo cards I've found online.

    If you come across any baseball related stereo cards in your online adventures, please leave a comment (on any blog entry) with the url. I'd love to check them out.

Here they are. 


Here's the link to the original Now and Zen Stereoscopy post: Stereocards: Free-viewing 3D Parallel-view 

Thanks for reading!

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