Saturday, June 16, 2018

Oddz and Endz

    This post will contain some oddball topics that I've wanted to blog about, but I don't really have much to say about them other than, 'Hey, check this out.'  So hey! Check this out!

    One of the stamp forums where I have found myself loitering, had a FDC give-away earlier this spring, and yours truly won the lot. There were twenty-two 1982 FDCs on Postal Commemorative Society pages. I did not enter the give-away right away because as far as I knew, there was only one first day cover of interest to me. Turns out though, that no one else was interested in any of the free covers, so I dropped my name in the hat to let destiny run its course. In short, no one one else followed my lead and competed for the covers, so they are now here in Chicago. Thanks Dave N.!

    This is the one FDC in that lot that I wanted for my collection. This image is one of two photos that Dave had posted for the give-away. Jackie Robinson. Nice!

    The orange in the photo is not representative of the orange in hand. Although not part of the actual FDC, the orange border is interesting because it lacks the class and subtlety usually associated with philately. Orange was in fashion back in the early 1980s. My parents had orange carpet in the living room, and there were splashes of orange everywhere else. Below is a Jackie Robinson card that I pulled from a repack. It's a 1987 Hygrade All-Time Greats red back promo card. Apparently orange was still a thing in 1987, but by then my parents had moved on to their next interior fashion ensemble. -A matching pair is always nice!

    Moving right along. I have been collecting Cubs on the cards of other players. I was even running a geek list when I was able to identify the wild Cub. I also add to our PCs when I find them on cards not their own. This is my first Ichiro in that flavor. Although this is a Marlins card, finding Ichiro in the photo was not terribly easy.


    Next up, laughing. I don't think a book has made me laugh out loud as much as Baseball Eccentrics by Bill Lee. Earl Weaver's kick fight was probably the funniest true life story I've ever read. If you have not read it (and I think most of you have), get it. It had me rolling! 

    Now for yesterday's baseball news. I DO NOT WANT THE NL TO ADOPT THE DH! 

    The AL created the DH hoping to bring in money, because their fan base was (still is, I think) weaker. It was thought at the time that a DH would increase the fan base. However we-I love every player having to stand in the dang batter's box, and go for it. I get extra excited when a pitcher makes a good offensive play.  I know MLB is thinking about money. Well how about this MLB- Reduce the dang prices for tickets, food, drinks, and souvenirs! For crying out load, think about it. People spend more when they can afford more. DH in in NL might (doubtful) help in the really (REALLY) long run, but it will be a big turn off to most current NL fans, and you want more fans right? Nuff said. 

    Last but not least. I was a Gravity Falls fan. I know, I was pushing 50 when it aired. Well I'm over 50 now, and I still love a good animation. Yesterday I found an animation that seems to be scratching my Gravity Falls itch! The Hollow, on Netflix. I'm liking it, and this is coming from someone who cut her teeth on the original Scooby Doo and the best of Hanna-Barbera. So hey! Check it out!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend! 


  1. Here! Here! I'm on the "Rally Against the NL DH" bandwagon too. Pitchers helping themselves out a bit adds to the excitement. "Ridiculous" doesn't cover the price of a game. Grandstand seating isn't necessarily affordable for a family of four (the other kids can stay home) once food/drinks/souvenirs etc. blah blah blah. Nice Robinson commemorative you won, btw!

    1. Thanks Julie! MLB, doing its part in reducing global population! lol

  2. I'm also against the DH. Always have been. I'm also frustrated by the current trend of starting pitchers only going six innings. And I'm not wild about all the shifting either. On a postive note, I do love the FDC. As someone who has become more of a postcard/FDC collector I can tell you than nothing sports related comes cheap.

    1. Thank you. I know what you mean. Now I get nostalgic when a starting pitcher shows up in the 6th inning. Brings back memories of the good ol' days. ;)