Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kevin Sends Some Hits

    It's been weeks since I've posted anything here at Now and Zen. While I was kicking back and enjoying the summer weather, Kevin Martens of the Trading Bases group sent a box of Cubs cards to me. Nearly every card he sent was a hit to my want list, and there were a few never seen before sets for me to pursue further. Here are some of my favorites from Kevin's Cubs box.

Allen & Ginter, always a favorite series.

Fleer Tradition and Topps Heritage, are also favorites. I like the retro feel and thicker card stock. 

Although, I already had a couple White Sox cards from this Leaf set, these are my first Cubs. I'm pretty sure that there are secret anti-gravity devices hidden at 2nd bases throughout MLB ballparks.  

1996 Fleer, this is the first card I've ever touched from this set.  This is an unusual finish for a trading cards, especially in an era of gloss and metal foil production. I like it, and have added the rest of the team to my want list.

1997 Fleer Ultra. I can't think of an Ultra set that I don't like!  

 A new to me Leaf set. Cool. Missing Cubs from this set are also now being pursued. 

Topps Gallery, Whaaaaat?! This is a super recent set and I'd never heard of it. I love finding new sets that I did not know existed. These are nice. 


    Bowman Heritage. Very nice cards. I have very few Bowman cards in my collection.  I don't normally pursue or hang on to Bowman cards because good gravy, the identification of Bowman sets via card numbers is a nightmare I'd rather not bother with, so I've simplified what Bowman I collect. So far, I hang to Bowman's Platinum and Heritage cards. All other Bowman card numbers are secret launch codes. -Maybe they activate the anti-gravity devices at MLB's 2nd bases, I don't know, but I don't want to risk the consequences.  

Never even heard of Circa cards. These two cards from the 1997 set, look as though their fronts are backs. Way to shuffle the deck Circa! 

Diamond Kings Lester Aurora insert card. I'm glad this guy is a Cub. 

A few odds and ends. Topps Fire cards are weird. Apparently, Baez can make any lame design look uber cool. Fact. 

I don't think I realized Stadium Club cards were still being produced. Lucky us! Lucky me! 

2017 Topps Chrome. Yeah, I like Topps Chrome. It's a lot like Donruss Optics, which I also like.  

My first Finest cards. They even have the protective coating still in place. Cool.  


    Lots of Cubs treasures were enclosed in that box. Thank you Kevin. You made my day and buffed up my collection!


  1. 96 Fleer with its matte finish was great for sharpie autos. I liked the classic look of the cards too. I think you should check out new Ginter inserts minis "Indigenous Heroes." I have a stack of 15 for you as a set starter. (I put a set together.) If you are interested in these, let me know. I'll add them to the box I'm sending. It's ready to go. :)

    1. That would be wonderful Julie. I wonder why Google stopped sending me notices for comments. I am sorry it took so long for me to see your comment.