Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Virtual Salvage

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  Good afternoon blogiverse! As has been previously mentioned, Photobucket released the bird to the entire internet a couple of weeks ago. Last week I went into my former account at Photobucket and salvaged some of the images of my postcard and cover collections. Most of my images were of items for trade or sale, and I did not see any reason to keep images of things I did not want. But, it turned out that I was quite happy with having a virtual collection of things I left behind when I moved to Chicago.

  Here we go!

  A couple of older German postcards (fronts & backs). I like knowing that I could have bought a bratwurst at this establishment back in 1313. The second postcard below is a real photo postcard of the Roman monument in Potsdam.

  The Paricutin volcano in Mexico. This is also a real photo postcard. This volcano has an amazing story because it started out as a corn field. In a matter of hours, that corn field was ground zero for a newly formed volcano. The first eruption was on February 20, 1943.

  A modern era postcard of an Easter Island moai. What's not to like?! Plus, it entered the mail stream aboard ship, making it even more unique.

  Here is another postcard (back) that entered the postal system aboard ship. The Paquebot cancel signifies it as such. Unlike the above postcard which was posted via a cruise ship, this Canal Zone postcard was posted on a shipping ship.

    Next are a couple of miniature items. This postcard at the top is about the size of a trading card when opened. Not sure of it's origin... possibly it came packaged with a pack of smokes, while folded in half.

  This envelope is franked with two US Scott's #300s, and it is almost the size of a trading card. Many postcards sent in the US in the early 20th century are franked with the #300. It's one of my favorite stamps. (front & back shown, I saved the images from the auction when I won it, so these are not my scans.)

    Okay, I think I have two more items to share in this post, and then I'll call it good. If there is any interest, I can do one more post of collection item images. Give me a holler if you want to see the other salvaged photos.

  I like collecting donkey/mules/asses on postcards. Below is a very crowded postcard franked with the #300. I like the art on the back of this one.

    I lived in this area of Colorado a couple of times when I was younger, so that gives this postcard an added likability bonus in my collection.

  And there you have it, a peek into another one of my collections. Have a great day everyone!

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