Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hitting a Grand Slam with a Cracked Bat! -Part III

  I have a few more scans I want to share from the box of goodness that arrived from A Cracked Bat last week. As far as sets go, a 1/1 for all of the team cards in a set is sad, but fun. Sad, because there is only one Cub card in the set, but fun, because completed sets are fun!

                Rizzo, Contact Sheet 2015 #CS-18 1/1 ; Sutter, Upper Deck Masterpieces 2007 #60 1/1

  -Next up, a few shinies. I love the rainbow colors in Arrieta's card.

Not Jake from State Farm  

Castro and Soriano, 2013 and 2010 respectively.  

  So, I figured the whole black hole ripping apart the universe thing was so last week, that I was simply going to move on and write like a mature, responsible blogger. But...  




Evers has been lost! I repeat, Evers is lost. Will Evers ever be found, or is he lost forever? 

  Yeah, that was a groaner! Thank you Julie for the awesome cards. And a thank you to those of you who actually returned here to read the finale. 

Peace Y'all!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards! You made a fun post of it all! I'll keep an eye open for Evers.

  2. So much better to remember Bruce in blue rather than red. I'm guessing if Evers is missing Tinker is a prime suspect.