Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hitting a Grand Slam with a Cracked Bat! -Part II


  Welcome to part II of Hitting a Grand Slam with a Cracked Bat.  Julie sent a box of baseball cards to me. This box contained well over 300 cards! About half are Cubs, and the other half are White Sox. All but one (one!), are new to my collection, and that is awesome! So with this post, and another for Part III, I will show scans of some of these baseball beauties.


Without a doubt, Clark is the cutest MLB mascot. He was so happy to be pulled out the box. He was mumbling something about black holes and a crack in the space-time continuum, but I was too busy pinching his cute little cheeks to grasp what he was saying.

Ernie is just about as cute as Clark, and this card brings my Ernie Banks collection up to two cards.  How apropos, as I heard Ernie say to Clark as he patted him on the back, 'Don't worry friend. We'll play two.' Clark smiled, and then hordes of players climbed out the box and laid out across the table.  Once they settled into their proper card poses, things seemed to settle down. -With the single exception of Tony Kaufmann.

The Kaufmann philosophy states that any time is a good time to dance the Charleston.  The only one who disagrees with this philosophy is Murphy, and nobody cares what Murphy thinks.

Frank Chance and Mordecai Brown. These fellas know how to climb out of a box and strike a pose! They make for beautiful cards.

And shy Billy Williams is another favorite.

Perhaps Billy is not shy, but is flinching from the bright white light that seems to be gunning for his card? Oh I know what will tone down that white light, a blue light. Not just any old blue light, but a Blue Light Special!

The Dream Team boys to the rescue! While they do their thing, I'll go do mine. An anthro class (Robotics and Society) started Monday and I need to finish this week's course work.  I hope to post the final installment of Hitting a Grand Slam with a Cracked Bat before the end of the week.

Thank you A Cracked Bat: Baseball Cards and a Hot Dog!

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  1. The Charleston? Crap that's funny and a spot on description of old Kauffman! Glad you are having fun with the cards!