Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hitting a Grand Slam with a Cracked Bat! -Part I

  On Monday, I had been checking on a tracking number throughout the day waiting for the 'Delivered at/in mail box' update. Having had enough of getting nowhere at the USPS website, I headed downstairs to check the mail for myself. I approached the great wall of metal boxes and slid the key into its matching lock, and then I turned it. As I pulled the little door open, a glorious light burst through the edges of the small mail box. In the center of this magnificent light, was a box. It seemed to be floating in there, with an apparent disdain for the law of gravity. Fancying myself an adventurous Chicago Jones, I clipped my bullwhip to my belt and reached into the light and pulled out the box. As soon as the box entered the daylight, the glow toned down and the box very nearly blended into the surrounding environment. Thankful that nary a soul was around to notice the transformation, I smiled a crooked grin, then tipped my hat back and bounded upstairs.

   As I was breaking through the seal on the box, this happened. -

  How such a little box could hold so much beauty... I'll never know. Julie at A Cracked Bat knows. She packed it. She sent it. And. It. Is. Glorious!

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  1. Yay! and ...I've never seen Contact. Adding it to my rainy-day list. Thanks for allowing me to make some room in my Cubbie spot!