Friday, May 12, 2017

A Week of Firsts

  This week I have received my first card from a few different Topps sets. Though I have (so far) only posted images of cards that I own, the scans themselves are not always mine. So for some of these, my card is in better condition than the scan shown, and for others my copy is in poorer condition.

1st 1959 Topps, #304 Cubs Team 

1st 1961 Topps, #88 Richie Ashburn 

1st 1964 Topps, #408 Cubs Rookies 

1st 1967 Topps, #315 Billy Williams 

1st 1968 Topps, #235 Ron Santo

Last, but not least... 

1st 1969 Topps, #20 Ernie Banks 

Everyone have a great weekend!

🌠  TYZ


  1. there's my fave Banks again! young and happy - with a sweet Cubbie patch on his sleeve. nice vintage cards!

    1. He was special, and had a smile that gave the sunshine some competition.