Friday, April 14, 2017

Upper Deck In-Motion

  Last month I wrote a blog entry about a few 1991 baseball cards put out by Upper Deck. Oddly enough, about a week later, Beckett published an article on the same topic. Remember Upper Deck's Multiple Exposure Baseball Cards? I found the Beckett article yesterday while searching for a checklist for this card type. I did not find a checklist, but the Beckett write-up provided information on a few cards that were unknown to me.

  Last week, I acquired two more of the multiple-exposure cards.

1990 UD Bert Blyleven #527

1989 UD Jim Abbott #755 Rookie Card

  I like both of these cards, and I like the previous three cards I mentioned last month. I aim to collect all of them. According to the Beckett article, there were only about a dozen cards with this design. Having five of them, is a very good start. I had second thoughts about gathering the 'whole set', because a couple of the cards I saw at Beckett's site looked rather pointless. I mean, who really cares what Jose Canseco (1992 #333) looks like after he swings the bat?  And the card with Don Mattingly (1995 #210) fielding a ground ball, offers little, if any real movement. But for the most part, these are cool cards, and it's too bad this method is no longer being used in card production.

🌠  TYZ


  1. Baseball card photos can get monotonous. I love the multiple idea. I featured a football version earlier this year:

    1. Thanks for the link. I have a duplicate of the Blyleven card if you want it. If you are a member of The Trading Card Database, you can contact me (Doe MG) there with your mailing address. If not, we'll figure something out. lol

    2. Thanks for offering but I think I have a '90 set. :)