Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1991 Upper Deck Baseball

  Brace yourselves. I am about to upload images of cards, and they are not my beloved Cubs. I know, I can't believe it either. I'm about half way through the final phase of sorting a box of 1991 Upper Deck series I and II baseball cards.

  I have found a few  Cubs in the Wild  cards in this set, and I will be adding them to my list at The Trading Card Database later today. I get such a kick out of hunting them down and capturing those wandering cubs.

  On a side note, I am finding that collecting cards of Wrigley Field on non-Cubs cards to be somewhat overwhelming. Photographers must really enjoy taking player photos at Wrigley. There are so many of them, maybe too many. For now, I am just going to pull them aside and store them in boxes.

  Okay, so in this set I found three cards that struck me as retro-cool. It's not a complicated photography technique, but still, these cards were printed 8-9 years before I was online. These cards have no special card numbers and are part of the base set. Doe like.




🌠  TYZ

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