Sunday, April 30, 2017

Action Packed

  Pete Pianelli from Trading Bases sent six Cubs cards my way, four 1989 Topps Big and two 1992 Action Packed cards. All are welcome additions to my collection. I had not known of Action Packed cards until these Cubs arrived in my mail box. I like these cards, and I like learning of new things to add to my want list.

#39 Santo 

#76 Kessinger 

  These cards are made by wrapping printed paper around 2"x3" pieces of cardboard.  I know this because one of my cards has the paper wrapping separating from the cardboard. It's not much of a problem because it'll be kept sleeved. Everything is glossy, except the background on the card fronts, which have a flat finish. The players are puffed out from the rest of the card. It gives these cards a nostalgic 3D quality. I don't think the cards themselves could be puffified (yeah, I'm making up words.), without making the card backs concave. Although I have seen cards with minor convex and concave lines on the front and back, I have not seen anything as dramatic as the entire player lifted out from the background. Nice. 

Thanks Pete!

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  1. Puffified - I think this is a real word in our hobby. At least I understood your meaning. The Santo is particularly nice! I love old Cubbie patches.