Thursday, April 20, 2017

2017 Topps Opening Day

  Yesterday I opened a 2017 Topps Opening Day hobby box. A good time was had! When all was said and done I had complete base sets for the 3 teams I wanted- Cubs, White Sox, and the Yankees. From 36 packs I found 43 inserts, and only nine duplicate base cards. Not bad numbers.

  I was pleased to find two of the three mascot cards I wanted. I still need a Southpaw (White Sox) card. Fortunately, I have several mascot cards I can trade for him. Clark and Hank. I don't think baseball cards can get much cuter.

Mascots available for trade- Braves, Mariners, Mets, Pirates, Rangers, Rays, Red Sox, Reds, and Rockies.

  I pulled two of the three Superstar Celebrations inserts for the Cubs.


 I still need the Rizzo card (SC-4), and I have an assortment of Superstar Celebrations to choose from in trade- Francisco Lindor, Jayson Werth, Carlos Santana, Andrew McCutchen, Robinson Cano, David Ortiz, Edwin Encarnacion, and Jackie Bradley Jr.

  There were also six Opening Day Edition cards. These are much prettier in hand than in the online scans. Alas, none are Cubs. I have them listed for trade at TCD, along with the other wayward inserts, including eight Incredible Eats and four Opening Day (stadium) cards.
No Wacky Packages were found in this box. I especially wanted the Cubs Deep Dish Pizza. It's Pizza!

  Oh, and I pulled a Bumgarner Opening Day Stars card. (ODS-29) It's really thin. Is it a sticker? Are these rare? I ask because there are only three in collections at TCD.

Until next time!

🌠  TYZ


  1. I collected all forms of the hot dog incl sausage. I never saw the pizza! Unfortunately I've already given away most of my 2017 Topps.

    1. That's cool, you collecting various wieners. I didn't get the Cubs Incredible Eats card, which was hot dogs and onions. I have enjoyed the OD cards for another reason as well. It's like I want to pin them to a bulletin board and annotate them with little stick it notes. Notes: Marte- out for a couple months for positive PED test. Cabrera- on DL for groin strain. Bumgarner- DL, dirt bike accident. etc...

  2. Ok that is funny stuff! Pin the card according to injury - stick it in MadBums shoulder, Miggy's...well you know.

  3. Oh my! Whoever comes out with Voodoo cards, owes me 50% of the profit. Claiming it now! lol