Friday, November 10, 2017

First Snow and the Happenings

    It's more cold than anything, but today marks the first snow of the season for us folks in Chicago.  There's not much snow out there, but the flakes are growing larger, and the density is beginning to look like a blizzard.

     Earlier this week, I watched one of the best documentaries that I have seen in a long while. (Netflix) First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon.  

    I think what makes this documentary stand out from other first contact documentaries is that the Sapanawa tribe speak a dialect that is closely related to known tribal languages in the region. Because of the ability to use translators to communicate so early in the contact, we get very raw information that isn't diluted by narrator commentary. The exchanges are absolutely fascinating. To hear natives saying that the anthropologist's singing sounds like 'shit', or that they love clothes and were embarrassed to be naked was surprising! This doc does not disappoint. The hardships they endured are things that all of us can relate to, so if you have never watched First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon, take the time to do so. You won't regret it.

    Speaking of Netflix, The Battered Bastards of Baseball got a thumbs up from me, and now I find myself missing Big League Chew! Loved it as a kid! I've looked in all of the neighborhood stores, and no one carries it. What a travesty! Oh well. Hey, Netflix has recently added the Jackie Robinson biopic film '42'. I haven't watched it yet, but it is on my to-do list.

    Yesterday, I pulled out the boxes containing my postcard collection. I am enjoying going through them, sorting and reorganizing. It's nice finding gems that I haven't thought about in a while. With all the snow fall, I think today will be a good day to play with postcards.

    A few of the topics I collect on postcards:



Northern and Southern Lights 

    (I'll share more postcard themes in the near future.) Ah... the melody of snow blowers blasting cars with snow missiles. Time to grab another handful of postcards and party like an old lady. Peace Y'All!


  1. Darn snow - you'd think that after living my whole life in Chicago I'd be more expectant and ready for it this time of year, but I'm not.

    Also, the Battered Bastards of Baseball was a wonderful documentary and shined a light on a corner of baseball history that I had no idea existed. Without them, my beloved indy league team woulnd't exist! Also, 42 is a great watch; it's not perfect, but there are a few scenes that truly capture the struggles that Jackie had to go through and hammer through with uncomfortable reality.

  2. I had no idea they made postcards of outhouses! What are you telling the person you send that to? Lol! All I can think about is the two storey outhouse on the Simpsons.

  3. I've seen Big League Chew at Target in my area. Had some flurries here in Michigan already. Not quite in the winter mindset yet but I best get on-board. Ain't no stopping Mother Nature.