Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Baseball Videos & Winter Hobbies


    I'm already going through baseball season withdrawals. It's a good thing YouTube is there when we need it! I usually watch compilations when mixing YouTube and baseball, but this gem of a video is of Ichiro pitching an entire inning in 2015. What a treat!

    I've just about finished sorting the boxes of postcards containing my collections. I want to run through them one more time, and maybe take a count of some of the topics. I'm pretty sure lighthouses are going to be the largest theme.

    Below are a few more samples of the postcards of have in my collection. Formerly, I had started collecting tea cards as well, with the exception of the Zeppelin card, I have listed them for trade at the Trading Card Database.

Observatories and Telescopes 
(From Hubble to tourist view-scopes)



 Gold Mines, Ghost Towns, Gold Mining Camps etc... 

  Cryptids and Hoax Creatures 

    Jackalopes are probably found on postcards more than any other hoax creature. There are even postcards of cowboys riding giant rabbits while herding cattle. I'm not sure why giant rabbits are scary. When I was a kid I watched Night of the Lepus, and it scared the snot out of me. Food of the Gods did too. I still love monster movies.


Everyone have a great day!


  1. I just checked out images from "Lepus". I need to see this. Looks so corny! I would imagine seeing this as a kid might take some of the fun right out of Easter!

    1. I'm sure it'd be so cheesy to me now, but as a kid... YIKES! lol -I remember one time a few years before I saw Night of the Lepus, my parents took us to get our pictures taken with an Easter Rabbit. Man... that hollow headed rabbit was creepy. LOL

  2. Since your sport is done for the year, may I suggest NBA or NHL? I love both!

    1. You are thoughtful Billy! As an adult, I was into watching rugby (Union- Leinster Lions) for some years. As a child, football was my favorite sport, but I have lost just about all interest in the NFL after getting into rugby. My brother is a Red Wings fan, and until about 5 years ago, he had a massive Red Wings collection. (He quit collecting.) That bad relationship I was in... that person collected basketball cards during the Jordan era and football cards afterwards. Not good memories for NBA. But, I may catch some random Chicago sports action on tv this winter.