Sunday, July 2, 2017

Science Wins!

  Good morning everyone!

  Today, I've been catching up on reading some of my favorite blogs. P-town Tom's little buddy (Gus) died, and I was feeling some sadness for the Eamus Catuli! family. If you have a moment of free time, stop by the EC virtual home and leave a hug on Tom's porch.

  I then cruised into the Infield Fly Rule blog, which is now celebrating its 200th blog post. Kudos and Congratulations to IFR for achieving a new milestone! As a result, Infield Fly Rule is having a contest for one lucky winner. I am loving this contest because it delivers a solid hit to the Truddite⚹ mentality that is hoggishly consuming America from sea to shining sea. IFR makes note of the anti-science mentality of the Truddites, and offers us a a chance to win a Space Shots 1991 Moon Mars card set.

   I hope to win, but you should stop by Infield Fly Rule and give yourself a chance to win too!

First Use- Truddite is a new word for 21st century, comprised of the words Luddite and Trump. We need this word. Spread it.


  1. Truddite - I shall be making use of that term going forward.

  2. Turddites. same difference. ;) how our vocabulary has changed biggly over the past year.