Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Saw Mickey Mantle in Walgreens

  Good morning out there!

  So, I have not been posting at my usual rate. It being summertime, I suppose I've been busy doing other things. Such as... How about the clusterf... kerfuffle Photobucket has created on the entire interwebs?! I'm a member of a few philatelic forums, and what a mess they are dealing with now. Zipper has, for the past few days, been downloading her PB photos and replacing them on the stamp boards. She's about 1/3 through with that.  I was lucky, I only had a little over 200 images to sort through. Turned out I only needed to repair 2 forum images. The bulk of my photos were items I was offering for trade, but since I do not have that material here in Chicago, I simply deleted those images. There were a handful of scans that I saved. They are images of items in my collection. I will share some of those images in another post.

Hey! Photobucket!

   Speaking of photos, I have not had much luck finding relevant photos of the 2017 Chicago Pride Parade, but I will write a post to share the few that I did come up with.


  Last week I picked up a baseball card repack at Walgreens. Mickey Mantle was in the window, so I had to bring him home with me. I pulled a few keepers from that box, and I've already traded a few of the cards, so I got my $5 worth out of it! Below are what I consider to be the more interesting cards of the bunch. Enjoy!

Melky! Melky makes me smile and I love watching him play. This is only my 2nd White Sox card of him, so I was happy to find it in the repack.

A new to me Jacoby Ellsbury? I'll take it! This ups his count to three.

 Two new to my collection Cubs cards, and that's always a good thing. 

  Not a fan of Brett. This card gets a nod in this post because it is a Panini Triple Play card. It's the first Panini Triple Play card I have seen that actually looks like a decent card. I'll file this card in my Hall of Fame box, but I'd be willing to trade him to someone who loves him.

CM vs. MC 

  Mother's Cookies, a first for me. Love me some pizzeria cards, and I must stay focused on that or I'll end up with a collection that's way out of hand (You know what I'm talking about. Yeah, YOU.), so the Astros cookie card is also for trade has been claimed.

 And the card that sold the box, my first Mantle card. Not shabby at all!

  Okay,  now that I've shown all the baseball cards I wanted to share from the repack, I have to deal with Cookie Monster. I can't post that CM photo without giving props to my favorite Sesame Street character. 

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the fabulous... 

the one... 

the only... 


Have a great day everyone!


  1. I've been telling everyone who will listen for years that Photobucket was not a trustworthy company. Now it's coming back and biting people, many of whom heard my warnings and chose to ignore them because it was "free". I didn't know you until recently so I never got the chance to warn you, and in turn Zipper. Sorry you have to deal with that. I highly recommend Fotki but they are not perfect... several years ago they lost a bunch of photos, which they blamed on hurricane Sandy flooding their servers in NYC. I'm not sure I believe that but they have not lost anything in years so maybe. I've maintained my account there since August 2004.
    I have not been able to find a good stamp forum, when I finish scanning my cards they are in line to get scanned...maybe sooner if get burned out of cards.


      Friendliest and most informative stamp forum out there.

    2. I'll check it out...thank you!

  2. I have been leery of PB since they started offering all those kitsch items for sale with images on them. It seemed to me, that if one did not keep an eye on their settings, people who are unknown to the image creators could make and sell items with other folks' images. All along though, it seemed like PB is not business savvy. Yahoo, Google, FB etc... have managed to profit without gouging their clients, or taking a user out of their albums to entire pages filled with disgusting lame advertising. The kind of advertising one avoids so as to not wreck their computer. smh PB stinks.

    1. I actually know someone who got their computer fried off of there...the few times I've tried to look at friends stuff on there I got all kinds of warnings from my virus protection and have avoided it at all costs since.