Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lovin' the 2017 Gypsy Queen

  Last week, I received some really nice cards from corozco for our most recent TCD trade. Highlights include a couple new to me Ernie Banks and some snazzy 2017 Gypsy Queen cards. With this trade, it took some time to choose which cards I want to post, as this packet rocked.

  Let the highlights begin! 

  Here we have my first Bazooka card. These are an odd size, but I like it! Is it just me, or does that bat Bryant is holding look rather small?

  I like these Panini Home Town Heroes cards. They have a classic baseball card vibe. This Dawson card is the second Home Town Hero going into my collection, the first card was Konerko. This is not a flattering Dawson pose. Photo shortage?

  Yay! Another Melky card! I don't know why his Sox cards are so hard to come by, but they are. So I am always excited when one shows up!

  I like the Topps Attax cards. Not that I think that I would ever play these as a game, but because they are one of those cool oddball items. 

   A couple of new Ernies! It's always a good day when Ernie makes an appearance.

  Four new 2017 Gypsy Queen cards have been knocked off my want list! The scans look good, but the cards look even better in hand. I really dig them. They may just be my favorite series in the modern card era. All of the cards in this trade were super nice. Thanks for the trade Carlos!

  🌠As an aside, today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of my move to Chicago! Never has a year gone by so fast!


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  1. I too am a big fan of this year's GQ set - it's finally not so... "blah." A splash of color really does the set some good.