Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I Have Balls Now!

  I have a few more baseball related gifts from Zipper to share with you.  Today I will post the 'squealers'!

  There were some Ernie Banks cards picked off of eBay for the purpose tickling my collecting fancy. Zip is a good shot, and indeed my fancy has been tickled! Let's check the rest of my birthday loot.

A pair of Mr. Cub minis 

The coloring of this next card gives it the feel of having captured one brief but very real moment in time.  


Ernie receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in 2013. 

  The list of baseball players who have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom-

        Joe DiMaggio 1977 by Gerald Ford
        Jackie Robinson 1984 by Ronald Reagan,  posthumously 
        Ted Williams 1991 by George H.W. Bush 
        Hank Aaron 2002 by George W. Bush 
        Roberto Clemente 2003 by George W. Bush,  posthumously 
        Frank Robinson 2005 by George W. Bush
        Buck O'Neil 2006 by George W. Bush 
        Stan Musial 2011 by Barack Obama 
        Ernie Banks 2013 by Barack Obama 
        Yogi Berra 2015 by Barack Obama,  posthumously 
        Willie Mays 2015 by Barack Obama 
        Vin Scully 2016 by Barack Obama 

My first Allen & Ginter for 2017, Banks foil. 

  All of those cards are new to my collection, and Ernie makes me smile every time I see him relishing his time in baseball heaven. Now imagine the SQUEAL this next card illicited from me!


  Terrible photo, I know. I'm not sure there's a way to improve the quality of pics taken with a Fire tablet. I wanted to use the image at the Trading Card Database, but their card has a really faded auto, which means it doesn't look much like mine. Of course as autos go, there are always slight differences to be found with the graphology, so to keep the auto legit to my copy we'll be sticking with this fuzzy Doe photo. I love this card! 

  I was then presented with my first collectable balls! Ernie and Ozzie! What a day! 

 Falling down the south side of 50 isn't so bad when one is sharing that time with some one who is flat out awesome! It was a wonderful day! Thank you all for reading Now and Zen. Being a part of our niche in the blogosphere has been an uplifting experience. You guys are tops!

Have a fabulous day out there!



  1. An Ernie auto is always an amazing acquisition, regardless of photography or fading - wowser! Happy birthday!

    1. Indeed and thank you! I need to edit this post to clarify my statement about the card in TCD. I left it rather unfinished. Shame on me.

  2. Happiest of birthdays! I fell a couple years ago myself but haven't landed yet (obviously.) That's a very GOOD thing! Glad you stumbled upon the blogs, it's great having you around!

    1. Thank you Julie!

      Also, I received your box of cards. Thank you! I do believe you sent your bippage before I sent my bippage. I need to get on the ball! I'm still going through the cards and I hope to start posting about them this week. Thank you! :)

  3. Sounds like Zipper knocked this one out of the park. Congrats!

  4. Happy Birthday! Lets play two! Nice gifts. Looks like Ernie is signing something in that A&G image.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it does looks like he is signing something. Cool. :)