Monday, October 23, 2017

A Cracked Bat, the Wows! part II

    Good afternoon everyone! I'm going to jump right into this post by starting with the Ernie Banks cards that Julie, from A Cracked Bat: Baseball cards and a Hot Dog, sent to me earlier this month.

Heeeere's Ernie! 

And a pair of Ozzies! I 💖 Ozzie!

A couple more Home Town Heroes. I like this simple but fun design.

My first White Sox Action Packed card. Yay! I don't have many cards showing this red accented uniform, so this is a nice timeline marker in the evolution of White Sox uniforms.

My first Schick Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars card.

    Ooh, there are three more FIRSTS for my collection coming up! I'm thinking firsts are just as fun as lasts, when it comes to card collecting.  

My 1st Goudey 

My 1st Turkey Red

My first A.J. Pierzynski card, and it's a Topps Chrome at that! -I can't believe how slow it has been to get A.J. cards. He's been on my want list almost as long as I've been collecting baseball cards.

I had not known about the Upper Deck Decade set. Near as I can tell, there is only a set for the 1970s. I'll have to look into this further because these are nice!

Thank you Julie!


  1. these look great scanned. I love giving these fellas a good home!