Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wanted Men - Player Collections

A small list of the players I collect regardless of the team they are aligned to on the card. Any and all goodies are wanted of these boys. I have sorted these fellas into three tiers, in order of desire.

Ernie Banks  -28
Tetsuharu Kawakami  -0
Ozzie Smith  -22 
Ichiro Suzuki -4 
Native Americans: Active
Joba Chamberlain  -2
Jacoby Ellsbury  -5
Kyle Lohse  -0
Dwight Lowry -1 

Native Americans: Former Players  -0 

Melky Cabrera  -3 
Minnie Minoso  -0
A.J. Pierzynski  -0 
Javier Baez -6 

Pizzeria cards: Cards from any team that were promotional cards from a pizza joint.  -0

Rod Carew  -2 
Dwight Gooden  -10 
Darryl Strawberry  -10

Non-baseball wants: 

The Beatles & John Lennon -29
The Moody Blues -2 
Acid/Psychedelic Rock album covers -0 
Zeppelins (airships/dirigibles) -1 
Steampunk anything artsy/interesting -0

Updated 1 OCT '17

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