Sunday, August 13, 2017

Remember When

  Do you remember a few months ago, when I was taking that Robotics and Society mooc? Well, while doing some much needed updating of my BGG collection, and catching up on the forum postings, I checked out the Funny Pictures thread. In doing so, I came across these two pictures.

  They were posted by two different geeks, so that was cool. The other thing that stands out about this is that I saw a news item last night about Musk's warning about AIs. -AIs are more of a threat than North Korea.

  If you think this has nothing to do with baseball or baseball cards, welcome to my mind!  
AI - robots - automatons - steampunk
  So, I've got a thing for steampunk, and steampunk baseball is something I've considered drawing. Catchers will be the easiest to punk out. They have the Fett and Iron Man steampunk-ability in their gear. (See what I did there?) Easiest translations aside, when I start digging into this project, the first player I want to punk out is Dennis Oil Can Boyd. How could I resist?!

  The pose on that top card is just begging to be steampunkified!

  In other baseball card collecting news, I am adding a new man to my player collections. Melky Cabrera. The guy was the sunshine of the White Sox, and man do we miss watching him. Autumn is coming early to Chicago. (seriously!)

The Melkman 

A great day to you all!


  1. we (meaning Detroit) have a Cabrera you can use if it will ease the pain at all, even just the tiniest littlest bit, a smidgen. Better than no Cabrera at all. It is too!

  2. Does your Cabrera come hi-jinks and grins?

  3. I laughed out loud at the robot posts...too funny!

  4. That robot thing is weird--in a cool way. Not to get political but my first thought is that he/it must have been working in The West Wing.